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Our Staff

Windsor Lane Health Care is a privately-owned skilled nursing facility with a history of service and care spanning over 30 years.

Employees of all disciplines, direct and indirect care with a genuine interest in working in healthcare have dedicated many years to serving the residents of our facility.  Every one brings their own experience and helps to build the collective knowledge and skill level of our team.

Our team here at Windsor Lane works closely with families from the local surrounding area including:

Local service area map

    • Gibsonburg
    • Fremont
    • Clyde
    • Pemberville
    • Fostoria
    • Bowling Green
    • Findlay
    • Toledo
    • Woodville
    • Genoa
    • Oak Harbor
    • Elmore
    • Tiffin
    • Port Clinton

Our Primary Services

  1. For over 30 years Windsor Lane has served this community and surrounding areas as a skilled nursing home for those that require more advanced care.  We offer rehabilitation, respite services as well.  Residents can enjoy the dignity and independence of an assisted living facility while benefitting from the care of a registered nurse 24/7 or receiving the daily therapy services they require.
  2. We also offer specialized care for Dementia and Alzheimer’s residents within our secured unit – Serenity Lane, where we focus on the social, physical, and psycho-social needs of the resident while promoting their individual independence and sustaining dignity.
  3. Windsor Lane expanded their services to include respiratory care for those requiring specialized vent care and equipment.  Although we initially began with nocturnal vents, we have recently expanded our services again – this time to include full-time vent care as well.  In conjunction with point #4 below, this uniquely qualifies us to care for patients that no one else in this country is equipped to care for.
  4. Windsor Lane Healthcare is the nation’s only resource to a unique bariatric skilled care for patients up to 1000lb.  We offer a voluntary weight loss care plan and support system is designed to help our patients meet their weight loss goals by learning how to manage their personal dietary balance, exercise, regain mobility and independence by actively participating with our highly qualified therapy department and gaining knowledge to assist them in successfully returning home.

Aspects of our services at Windsor Lane include: Respite, Rehab, Long-term Care, Hospice, Vent Care, Physical/Speech/Occupational Therapy, Accident and Stroke Recovery, and a number of in-house amenities.   Windsor Lane is also a certified provider for Medicare and Medicaid.   Contact us for more information.

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Windsor Lane Healthcare is an Equal Opportunity Employer, and we believe that every employee is an essential piece of our success.




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