Skilled Nursing Care vs Assisted Living

When an aging family member or loved one can no longer receive the care that they need at home, or are in need of assistance that can be a daily demand on the lives of others, two care options to consider are assisted living and skilled nursing facilities (SNF).  These two resources can make a difference in the quality of recovery and life, whether after an accident/injury or just overall declining health.

Dementia patient


So what is the difference

between Skilled Nursing Care

and Assisted Living?



Skilled Nursing 

Skilled nursing homes offer a more significant level of care. Skilled Nursing is for those who require significant medical care, such as a specialized line for IV medications, a ventilator, respiratory therapy, or have a stage 3-4 pressure ulcer (bed sore).   Essentially, anyone who needs medical treatment from a registered nurse 24/7, or requires assistance with daily self-care (eating, bathing, dressing, walking, getting out of bed or a chair, medication management, etc) or those who require daily therapy or rehabilitation services will need a skilled care setting.

Assisted Living

Assisted living is for seniors who do not require constant care but need assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs), such as assistance with eating, bathing and dressing.

Whereas skilled nursing offers more from a medical setting, assisted living is a residential setting.

This is where Windsor Lane shines.

We are a skilled nursing facility with the feeling of a residential setting.

Our Serenity Lane is perfect for those struggling with memory loss diseases, yet still active enough to seek out exits and wander off.  The collective experience of our staff enables us to provide highly specialized care whilst encouraging the highest levels of health and life possible through personalized quality of care.  We work with local area resources to help support caregivers of memory loss patients.  Click HERE for more information on caregiver care.

Not sure which level of care your loved one may need?  Talk to your family doctor or call and schedule a tour to see if Windsor Lane is a good fit your loved one’s needs.