Serenity Lane

Created to meet the needs of the Alzheimer’s and dementia community, Serenity Lane is a beautifully decorated locked and secured unit housed within Windsor Lane Health Care, offering a safe, secure, and comfortable environment. Serenity Lane also gives its residents the opportunity to bring their home with them, providing a familiar environment for them during their stay.

Serenity Lane was uniquely designed to meet the needs of our resident’s diagnosis with Alzheimer’s Disease and other memory impairments of dementia in its early stages. Our treatment program focuses on the social, physical, and psychosocial needs of the resident while promoting independence and sustaining dignity.

Interacting with residents in various stages of memory impairment, our trained staff encourages quality of life skills through daily activities to help residents reveal their personalities, creativity, and spirit. These activities ultimately stimulate the residents’ senses which results in the development of new interests and realizing the memories of old, favorite interests. The Serenity Lane program encourages residents to function at their highest level through interaction among its residents, promoting social skills and giving them the sense of belonging.