“I came to Windsor Lane in February of 2021. I came with hopes to get healthier, and big weight loss goals. During my time here, I was successful in losing over 64lbs. At that point I decided to go home.

There have definitely been hard times that have not been easy, but there are also so many good times. A little hard work every day goes a long way, and I know that if I can do it so can you! I am so thankful for the support and help from therapy, staff and all the friends I have made here. I hope to continue my weight loss journey and to inspire others along the way!” 

-Tammy Slaton From TLC`s 1,000LB Sisters

“Over the last few years, my weight had gotten to the point where it had ruined my life. I couldn’t work, I couldn’t walk and I felt stranded in my apartment. Windsor Lane is a godsend. I am losing the weight and regaining my mobility. Most of all I now have hope for my future where before I had none. Thank you!” – Tom H.

“Since coming to Windsor Lane, my life has changed because I am able to do more things for myself. I have been able to lose weight; over 90 pounds so far. I am so glad that I have been given a chance to participate in this program. Because of this program I will get my life back!” – Alan P.

“My whole quality of life has changed since I came to Windsor Lane. I have more confidence and am regaining my independence. The hardest part is being away from my family in Missouri, but I have made some life-long friends here. I will be going home a new person due to my weight loss and experiences at Windsor Lane.” – Scott H.

“Before I came to Windsor Lane, I didn’t have much movement in my left arm and I could not walk very far. Now I can use my arm again and can get around much better thanks to the therapy team here at Windsor Lane. They work wonders! The best thing about Windsor Lane is the amount of help that you get. The staff never gives up on anyone!” – Eddie B.

“I am getting to know myself again. I have not only accomplished weight loss here at Windsor Lane but, I have also become motivated! I now have the education that I needed to lose the weight and keep it off. The people here at Windsor Lane become your family. The supportive family that you can lean on and trust to keep you going in the right direction. Thank you Windsor Lane Healthcare Center!” – Cheryl M.

“Before I came here, I was bed-ridden for more than 3 years. Now I can walk with a walker and climb stairs! I am so proud of myself for sticking to the progam. I could have quit and gone home to my family but I didn’t and now I can go home to my family and be the kind of husband and father that I need to be.” – Joe B.

“I came all the way from Oklahoma because my grown children wanted me to lose weight and get a grip on my life so that I could be living, not just watching from the sideline. I am so glad that I made the trip because now I can walk longer than I have in years, my depression is better, and I am losing the weight. I am finally getting control of my life! I have also meet some very nice people from all over the USA!” – Judy B.

“Windsor Lane has given me a support group that is willing to work with me to ensure long-term results. This facility gave me a place to go to lose the weight without surgery. I can now see myself being able to enjoy what life has to offer. Thank you!” – Ed H.

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