Bariatric Weight Loss Services and Care

Spacious dining hall for bariatric programWindsor Lane Health Care and Rehabilitation Center is the nation’s only resource to specialize in a unique skilled bariatric care and weight loss management plan.  Our particular skilled care is designed to help patient’s up to 1000lb successfully lose weight and regain mobility and independence.

How it works

Our Bariatric Weight Loss service is a voluntary program and support system designed to help our patients meet their weight loss goals. By learning how to manage their personal dietary needs and therapeutic exercises, our patients gain knowledge and independence to assist them in successfully returning home.

In cooperation with your PCP and through personalized dietary planning, physical therapy, occupational therapy and group activities, our staff encourages you every step of the way.  Your doctor is kept up-to-date on your progress to better serve your needs.  Our supportive team will meet with you quarterly to review your progress and celebrate your successes.

Other care needs

In some cases, morbid obesity can cause additional health concerns such as wounds, edema, respiratory complications and more.  Our highly-trained and knowledgeable nursing staff is here to help and support you in your recovery and efforts to regain your mobility and independence.

Together we get results!

Patients who have actively participated in this program and have taken advantage of our support and services have seen life-changing results.  The ability to independently walk out of our facility after losing up to 700lb is truly something we all celebrate!  Their successes continues to inspire us every day.

Call us today to ask what we can do for you or your loved one.

We look forward to helping you reach your goals!


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